Hello, my name is Victoria of Victoria Apsey Designs. I work from my home in Somerton, I am yet to have my own studio however I am creative with storage, so our lounge becomes my studio once my two young children go to bed! I have a wonderful old kiln called Rafferty who fires all my work. 

Why do you craft / make?

I make bright, colourful earthenware ceramics, a mixture of slip cast and hand-built items. They include a huge variety of items such as mugs, coasters, spoon rests, yarn bowls, tealight holders, skulls and hanging decorations. Plus, seasonal items such as ceramic baubles and pumpkins.

What are your favourite projects?

My current project has to be my favourite right now, getting messy with hanging Christmas decorations, cute gingerbread men and beautiful wreaths!

What do you do to keep yourself, space and time organised?

Time is a huge challenge for me, I have two young children, so my daytime is taken up with being mum. However, I do find lots of inspiration with the activities we do and the thing we see together.  The evening is where most of my creative time comes in and as soon as they are settled in bed my glaze trollies get wheeled out from under the stairs and other supplies from various cupboards dotted around! 

What are your can’t live without craft essentials?

One thing I cannot live without for my craft is Rafferty my kiln. He’s an old boy (shh don’t tell him I said that) and nearly as old as I am but he’s doing a great job and hopefully has many years left to give.

How would you describe your style?

My style is very eclectic, but one thing is for sure, I love colour! I take inspiration from nature, often items will have animals such as deer, hedgehogs, bears or even paw prints. I also have days where the more gothic feel comes out, so you will often see skulls and corvids make an appearance too.

Are there any crafters / designers that you look up to?

So so many. Instagram makes it so easy to follow various artists and keep a creative inward flow of artistic inspiration. 

We live in such a mass-produced society, why should people continue to make things by hand?

I believe everyone needs a creative outlet, be it in the form of writing or drawing or sculpting. It helps us stay in tune and have a positive output. We all create things differently and will always make things unique and completely individual.

What is your advice for people who want to start crafting / selling?

Crafting is for everyone, sometimes it takes a while to find what you genuinely enjoy doing. Don’t rush yourself and take your time to find your feet. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t sell work straight away, sometimes it takes a while for the right person to spot it 😊

Do you take custom request?

I am happy to discuss custom requests. Items such as mugs I can also personalise with names etc. Pleased don’t hesitate to ask 😊