Sadie Marsh

Why do you craft / make? 

I have always been crafty, I love getting myself into a project whether it’s sewing, baking or arty. Last year in the lockdown I was very down and my anxiety messed with me a lot so I started making jewellery from resin. This then led on to my small business – Sweet Pea Designs.

I enjoyed crafting at my kitchen table and then very lucky my husband is in construction and made me my very own studio in the garden. I love it! All my crafts in one place (well most of the time). Within time I got more confident and pleasure out of making my products and seeing the happiness for customers and venturing into more.

I can now offer personalised items, requests, unique and funky products due to getting myself my trusty friend – Marty the cricut maker (yep I’m mad I named my cricut). I find crafting calms me, distresses and relaxes me at times and going into the studio gives me great relief in creating something new and personal. 

What are your favourite projects?

My favourite projects are mainly requests. Making something that is personal and unique for someone. For example the yellow quiz paddles I made for a quiz master. Unique and different but personal for him and his small business. But then again I also love my teddy bear earrings. Simple, dainty and unique. At the moment I am loving my Christmas angel wing baubles which can be personalised too; so many lovely comments on them. 

What do you do to keep yourself, space and time organised?

So I try and say I will go in the studio as and when needed. I have young children that need me and also work a full time job. So if an order comes through I am normally in the studio as soon as possible and also when something special is coming up I.e.

Christmas I try and start making pieces a few months before to share with you all. My studio has definitely been a mess many times but now after looking at other small businesses, storage solutions on Pinterest and Tiktok I have a system that works for me and looks organised as you go in. I shall share a photo of my storage!

What are your can’t live without craft essentials?

My crafting essentials I can not live with out would 1 be Marty the cricut maker; I used him so much and can’t think of what I’d do if I didn’t have him! The possibilities  are endless. Currently making a paw patrol card for my sons birthday; I couldn’t imagine that I would ever get neat cuts without it. And the second thing would be my uv lamp which helps cure my resin quickly when needed

for my keyrings and backs of earrings. And finally I’d say my silicone equipment.  I used silicone because it is reusable time and time again for when I make resin. Where as some use plastic throw away cups, and lolly sticks. I’m all for recycling, reusing and reducing to help the planet. 

How would you describe your style? My style; well I’m quiet a shy person and lack some confidence but I love to share it within my creations. I love to be different, quirky and unique. Have you seen my glow in the dark Dino earrings? I love them. That idea came around from having boys! And messing around one day. 

Are there any crafters / designers that you look up to? To be honest I am not one for following designers as such, but I do love following small businesses and seeing how they make things out of the materials they have. 

Where do you look for inspiration? I follow. Many many many other small business, family and friends on my on socials and get my inspiration from them. Once my friend asked for a quirky and bright jewellery set for a do she was going to.  All she asked was for the colours to go in with her outfit. I succeeded and made a lovely set including 3 different blues and a silver. She loved it. I love to make people happy and to take on a challenge; and even when it doesn’t go right the first time I will try again 

We live in such a mass-produced society, why should people continue to make things by hand?

Looking at the world and how things are made in mass production is sad. It’s not people sharing their love in what they do it’s mainly programmed on computers and machinery. Us crafters spend a lot of time doing what we do and I love and live for pieces being different and unique. No one has the same. 

What is your advice for people who want to start crafting / selling?

I myself have not been doing it for long just over a year but I love it. Just believe in yourself and your products/design. I found myself within crafting and it’s a way of expressing myself. 

Do you take custom request?

Yes I do. Please give me a message through social media, or email. Always happy to help.