COTTON CRAFT - Vibrant and unique handcrafted gifts

I started sewing when I was quite small, making dolls clothes on my grandmother’s old Frister and Rossman hand machine.  Everything I make is unique, useful and colourful.  Basically, I just like sewing and I love the range of beautiful cotton fabrics that are available nowadays – I definitely have a “material obsession”!   

Recently, my husband refurbished a bedroom  into my new, 

larger workroom.  It gives me loads of storage space for my stash of fabrics, and sewing gadgets.  I usually have music playing and time passes all too quickly.  

There are many many incredible contemporary  makers and designers, who give me inspiration, sharing their ideas and experience on sites such as Pinterest.   Kaffe Fassett is probably the pinnacle as both a designer and a maker.  For me, though, it’s mainly the fabric which leads the way and excites my imagination. 

Growing up in the 60’s it was an era of “make do and mend”, and that mentality is still instilled in me.  It’s so good to see so many younger people taking up various crafting skills for the future. There is so much cheap, plastic merchandise in the shops, and we live in an increasingly ‘throw away’ society.  I really hope that the original handcrafted things that I and other crafters make will be appreciated and looked after.  

I am certainly happy to take custom requests.