The Kirkraft Shop

I have always enjoyed arts and crafts and making since I was a child. It gives me deep personal satisfaction to go through the making process and have something hand made at the end. Sometimes the finished product is not quite what I had in mind but I have enjoyed the process in getting there.

I try and do some craft work for a few hours every week as I find it therapeutic and good at taking your mind off work etc. It is very important to encourage handmade crafts particularly at present as it is all too easy these days to buy mass produced items and it is very pleasing to be able to share your enjoyment of the crafting world when someone buys one of your pieces.

At the moment I am particularly enjoying designing jewellery and plaques to be cut out on my laser then painting and decorating  them, I have a selection displayed at The Crispin Emporium. I also enjoy glass painting which I have done for about 25 years and have sold items through a Bead/Craft shop that I use to run in Nottingham years ago.

I now have a family run manufacturing company in the Tanyard in Street, where we sell on line laser cut letters and shapes cut to order. I sell some of my products at The Tanyard, Crispin Emporium and online on Etsy.