Hi I’m Jen and my small business is JT Crafts.

I live in Curry Rivel, Somerset with my husband and our three children.

JT Crafts was first established in 2019 as a way to share my crochet work and my Mum’s handmade cards. A year later and I have branched out into resin work and personalised gifts.  I have a large range of products from jewellery to homeware and gifts. I mainly sell via my website but earlier this year decided to take a leap into sharing my work via The Crispin Emporium.


I first began crafting whilst pregnant with my daughter in 2017, as I was quite poorly I taught myself to crochet fast forward a few years to 2020 I wanted to try something new during lockdown as I spent a long time making rainbows and NHS hero bears so I started crafting with epoxy resin and haven’t looked back since. 

I find crafting and the feeling of a project being completed really helps with my mental health and mindfulness. 


I would describe my style as quirky, I don’t really fit into a specific genre as I love the spooky side of life but I also am a massive fan of glitter and bold colours. 

I find myself drawn to the sea and nature which I am trying to incorporate into my work.


Some of the crafters I admire are in the resin community are Artsy Mad Woman and Biskuits and Gravy, both are on Instagram and I’ve learnt a lot following their posts and Youtube tutorials.  


I know buying handmade items can sometimes cost more than the mass produced however, when you shop small you support a dream, you make someone do a happy dance with each purchase and you will know how much hard work and love a creator has put into each piece they make. 


The best advice I could give someone who wants to start crafting is find something you love, then find your niche; the thing that makes your work different and makes you stand out. 


I take custom requests as well as my resin work I also make personalised items and I often try and incorporate the two.


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