Local photographer

Digipicsuk is a photo and film business set up by Neil when he retired from a International Managerial role in the shoe business.

I’ve enjoyed photography since my teens and decided to embark on making films when I retired from full time employment.

Film making is my preferred medium now, I still enjoy photography but I find film making more personal, it’s demanding and time consuming but gives a great sense of achievement upon completion.

Not all my film projects are on general sale to the public as some are reserved for  screenings for small groups such as U3A and WI.

My inspirations come from many different places such as local nature (Starlings Film has sold in excess of 1000 copies with the Bristol Channel Islands film coming up behind at around 600. 

I also enjoy filming interesting travel experiences such as visiting Iceland and climbing the erupting volcano Stromboli.

Currently Starlings 2 is underway which I am hoping to be on sale late 2020?

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