There seems to be an innate something in my brain that compels me to compose paintings or photographs, the challenge has always been to gain the skills that enable me to produce the result that I envisaged!  


I have previously painted in oils, acrylic, pastel, charcoal and gouache but this year I decided to teach myself watercolour painting and photography. I have a little full time studio that opens out on to our garden whilst the new camera tags along wherever I go.

We can only describe my style as eclectic because, whilst I love the Impressionist era and Cornish artist Ben Taffinder, every month Artists and Illustrators magazine presents some more awesome artists and styles! Thus my inspirations often derive from those and get interpreted from something local or from Cornish holidays that trigger a new painting idea. That’s why I like to capture potential ideas with the camera and/or sketchbook.

Bauhaus-era artist Wassily Kandinsky wrote, a 100 years ago, that there is a piece of one's inner self in every painting    - and he was right!' Producing art can be surprisingly tiring. Making by hand as opposed to mass production inevitably means that there is an individuality in the result so every piece of art will be different and thus more interesting.  

As for selling, that’s difficult!  The only way I see it is to practice then practice a bit more until potential customers can’t resist your work! Certainly, the old adage of ‘draw something each day’ is a good one because drawing is where it all starts.

And, yes, I do take custom requests! Potential clients are very welcome to chat about their ideas to assess if I will be able to meet their brief.


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